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Kids Zodiac Meaning


Kids Zodiac Meaning

Aries: The Rambo of the play group has arrived! Outgoing Aries children make for natural born leaders. With an Aries baby around, you can expect lots of action and activity in your midst. These children are often the class president, quarterback or prom queen. Don't expect this tot to sit still with a rattle -- it just won't happen. The Aries baby is one who makes a lot of noise and will definitely be heard. There's really no choice! As a Fire sign, the little Ram will be dynamic and always up to something. Will this be a tough baby to deal with? More than likely. To that end, parents would be wise to show this child how to work with other babies early on. Learning to share and learning to lose will be difficult lessons for these children to learn. Things such as sharing won't come naturally -- they must be learned. Even where siblings are concerned, the Aries child won't be a walk in the park. What the Aries baby may want most of all, however, is attention, so parents be well advised. In a play setting, the Aries tot will easily get the attention of others on their own. This baby will also start many things early, the better to get to the finish line in a hurry. To sum up, the Aries baby can be quite independent but enjoys interacting with others. If communications skills are strong in this child, she will show high intelligence early in life. This baby is a fairly physical child and craves constant stimulation. They will be ready from day one!

Taurus: Parents of a Taurus tot are going to have to be very sensitive to this baby's need to be touched. Taurus children love clothes and food early on. Loving caresses and a tender touch are what the Taurus baby lives for! Along those lines, this is a child who needs to be comfortable. They appreciate the finer things in life. Things to keep in mind are providing a room and bed that are neither too hot nor too cold, food that is tasty (a budding gourmand has arrived!), soothing sounds, and whimsical toys. They often have wonderful voices and enjoy singing and acting as pastimes. Sign them up for acting or singing classes if such a tendency toward these arts manifests itself! When it comes to the learning curve, the Taurus baby is not in a hurry to grasp new concepts. This tot will learn things at their own pace and be unresponsive to pressure, yet persevering in the end. In light of this, a gentle manner to get this baby to react and respond is the sensible course of action. Also familial in nature, the Taurus baby will enjoy having the family in close proximity, especially siblings. A parent will not be disappointed in the long run. You can consider this baby a people person in general; they are also likely to control the play circle where that well-known Taurean stubbornness will reveal itself! To sum up, the Taurus baby wants to be touched, will revel in delicious toys and, as an Earth Sign, will want to have both feet firmly planted on the ground!

Gemini: Eager to get going (this baby probably kicked up a storm in the womb!), the Gemini baby is likely to be talking early and making a mark from day one. Gemini children are entertainers. Curious and quite the explorer, this tot is one who needs lots of stimuli in order to be happy, as they are easily bored. They are never at a loss for words. Since those communication skills are top-notch, the smart thing to do with this baby is bring them into a play group as soon as possible. In general, Gemini children are very intelligent and love to learn. At home, siblings can easily fill this function, as someone must! It's never too early for the Gemini baby to interact with others, and they will also learn their lessons early on. Writing comes easily to them. When you have heard enough from them for one day, sit them down to write and the whole family will be happier. The Gemini tot is definitely not clingy. Quite the contrary, this is one baby who is happy to march to their own drummer, gallivanting about and being amused in the process. Surprisingly, when this baby is not engaged in chatting or playing with others, there could be a certain emotional detachment. For that reason, it's best to keep things uncomplicated and easy for them to understand, the better to maintain harmony. To sum up, the Gemini baby is the Great Communicator of the play group, has a short attention span (so keep 'em busy!), and is one clever and creative tot.

Cancer: As a Water sign, the Cancer baby is likely to be more emotional than most. In a word: tears! This baby will probably cry a fair bit, so holding and touching are of paramount importance -- really anything to achieve comfort. You can usually find a Cancer child safely at home. Along these lines, this is a baby who needs to feel secure and will easily pick up any bad vibes in the household. Therefore, arguing in the presence of this child should be kept to a minimum. Family is very important to the Cancer baby, as is nurturing. As Cancer is the sign of the Mother, the elements of nurturing, family and mood swings (think sensitivity and emotions) are highlighted. Also, because Cancer is the sign of Memory, the Cancer baby will retain memories from the past, both good and bad. They often have their own special spot or private room. This is a child who could get lost in the supermarket for two minutes and forever remember it as a sign of rejection from the mother! For this reason and others, this tot needs to be made to feel secure; especially within the family unit (family will always be more important to the Cancer baby than friends). They also love to save everything. You can always spot a Cancer child, for they are the ones that have the secret stash of candy left over from the holidays. The somewhat reticent Cancer baby will nonetheless surprise Mom and Dad by being fussy about food, so be sure to please that palate! Cancer kids are prone to wallow in their own depression when things go wrong, and it is up to the parents to snap them out of it. To sum up, the Cancer baby is familial, must feel protected, and with any kind of luck, will learn to swim like a fish!

Leo: The Leo Baby is, above all else, loud! Leo children must always be right, even when they are in the wrong. Forget sleep for the foreseeable future, Mom and Dad. This is a baby who must be heard and will certainly let everyone in their midst know what they want. Whenever a Leo child is lectured for misbehaving, it must be phrased in such a way that they come out of the lecture with their pride uninjured. Think center of attention, since there really is no other way to be for this tot! If criticized severely, they will become defensive and never change what needs to be changed. With a Leo baby as part of the plan, family life will revolve around this magnetic child. The Leo baby adores an audience, so it should come as no surprise that many of these tots go on to become stars of stage and screen. This babe is auditioning early on! To that end, this is a child who is also competitive, so maybe they are prepping for that dog-eat-dog Hollywood whirl from day one. They have very strong egos that they must protect at all times. When in a play group or any social situation, the Leo baby will make friends easily and will thrive on the interaction, since being on-stage is where they're at. Even so, they will have a hard time sharing things such as roles, responsibilities, even toys. In order to get a Leo child to change their unacceptable behavior, first tell the child what is good about their character. The King (or Queen) of everything they see, they will be the one making the rules. To sum up, the Leo baby is the leader of the pack, loads of fun and will expect to live in the most comfortable of kingdoms. Pity the parent who won't play along!

Virgo: For better or for worse, the Virgo baby is plenty fussy! Virgo children are miniature perfectionists. Get used to it: The Virgo baby can be quite particular and needs to have a routine. At least having a routine isn't all bad, but don't even think of changing it! This baby will not respond well to lots of change. They excel at organizing everything, from their toys to the silverware on the table. No detail is missed by these little martinets! The Virgo baby can also be picky about food, so keep it simple at mealtimes. Aside from these peculiarities, this tot doesn't require a lot. A clean bedroom and simple clothing are sure to keep this baby dry-eyed. The Virgo baby is quite good at amusing itself for hours with the most basic of games, feeling very little need for the attention of others. They can sometimes be a bit extreme in their orderly behavior. The Virgo child also wants to talk early on, probably earlier than most of the other babies around. There's a lot going on in that mind wanting to come out! Virgos are sticklers for a tidy environment, and indeed will tend to boss around other children their own age in order to achieve this goal. From an early age, this baby can also be seen as mother's little helper, as the need to serve others is a strong Virgo trait. They also love to alphabetize their books and keep their toys in set positions in their toy chests. They also won't make a fuss over their accomplishments, since by nature these kids are a bit shy. To sum up, the Virgo baby is fine on their own but also happy to help others, loves cleanliness, and can easily keep themselves amused. All this adds up to a pretty good (albeit picky!) kid.

Libra: The Libra baby will revel in the attention of others from the get-go. That baby whom everyone is cooing over at the doctor's office? Yes, it's a Libra. It is best not to allow Libra children to lie around all day, as they are lazy at heart and need to be pushed into doing things. An emphasis on artistic and musical pursuits will help eliminate this problem. Passive yet charming, people can't help fawning all over this sun-kissed child. Perhaps it's the way a Libra baby smiles when others swoon. Whatever the case may be, this child is possessed of the most endearing qualities. Even-tempered and sweet in disposition, the Libra baby loves to have others around and would much rather be with company than alone. Get them in art and music classes so they socialize and express their natural talents. In a group, this child will mix quite well with others, displaying the very Libran qualities of sociability and diplomacy. The Libra tot is a born mediator, perhaps prepping early on for a career as a lawyer or judge. Loving fancy touches, the Libra child is not likely to take well to hand-me-downs, especially girls! These are kids who love to feel pretty, and the best clothes are a big step in that direction. Comfort is also important to this child, so clean, pressed clothes and a snappy room are an added plus. Sense a bit of control here? Well, the Libra child does know how to be manipulative, although they manage to do it in the nicest way. The Libra child needs to be around people and will have many friends. If they do not have enough friends it is not unusual for them to invent imaginary ones. To sum up, the Libra baby likes to talk, loves to socialize and is a splendid (and even-handed) addition to any play group. Let the games begin!

Scorpio: When a Scorpio baby enters the world, all eyes will focus on them. And that's exactly how it will be for a long time to come, as this baby must be the center of attention! Scorpio children are rarely sick, and if they do get sick, they recover very quickly. To that end, this is quite the manipulative little tot, sucking up energy from everyone around. Not many people will understand their need for secrecy or their intensity. The Scorpio baby is also a bit mysterious, making it hard to figure out what's wrong when the crying starts. So often, it's something which is seething below the surface and will be very hard to draw out of this child. You must also consider power struggles when thinking of this child, as the Scorpio baby will expect that Mom, Dad and everyone else will fit into their schedule and plans. Make no mistake, this is a powerful child! When angered, Scorpio kids can be very vengeful, and they never forget or forgive a perceived slight. The flip side of this is that this baby is quite clear on what they want and how to get that message across. One important note: Scorpio babes loathe lounging in dirty diapers, so change them often! Many times, this can be the simple source of their discomfort. The Scorpio baby should be watched closely for that reason. Someone will generally be watching this child, though, as the Scorpio tot enjoys a crowd, especially one where it can lead the show. To sum up, the Scorpio baby is clever, wants things on their own terms and will know how to get it. Watch out!

Sagittarius: That happy-go-lucky child in the play circle is bound to be a Sagittarius. In the Sagittarius child we have the most friendly, cheerful and outgoing child in the entire zodiac. These carefree tykes march to their own drummer, and yes, they will walk early! They'll also be beating a path to everywhere, since they love to explore. These children are enthusiastic, optimistic and generally happy. Independent and free-spirited, it's imperative that the Sagittarius baby have lots of room to roam. They are seekers after truth, and are very active both physically and mentally. Confined spaces are a disaster for these wandering souls, so they'll simply flail about until they can get out. The good news in all this is that the Sag baby won't have to be entertained every second of the day. That said, be sure to keep tabs on them in public places, as they could easily wander away! Above all, the Sag baby loves to explore, whether it's a new toy or a new friend. No fear here! This kid is a sponge, soaking it all up with relish. Thankfully, this child will know how to make friends and can be counted on to have lots of them. They love a good debate in search of the correct answer. They love being part of a group, whether it's at home or out in the big, brave world. And it's that world they want to see, which may be why it's so easy for this baby to hit the road. Sagittarius children love school and the process of learning, and they are quite good at the duties of scholarship as well as all extracurricular activities. Whether by train, plane, or the high seas, the Sag baby will travel better than the rest. To sum up, the Sagittarius baby needs freedom, has a curious mind and is forever on a journey of discovery. Happy trails!

Capricorn: The Capricorn baby has a plan from day one and will definitely stick to it! The Capricorn child can be almost ridiculously serious at times for their age. A bit on the serious side, this is a child who is disciplined, methodical and highly organized to boot. Is this really a child?! Well, yes and no. Not adventurously inclined, the Capricorn baby seems almost dull, but they are simply taking time with things, learning lessons slowly so as to learn them well. They will seem to become more comfortable as they grow older. This child enjoys feeling important from an early age, so don't hesitate to give them responsibilities. The Cap baby is up to the task! They have a difficult time having fun, as they regard homework and work in general as more fun then recess and games. They also understand things better as they get older and appreciate the merits of a reward system. Good deeds are repaid in kind! This babe will rejoice and will happily live with that precept in mind. When it comes to learning, the Cap baby shouldn't be rushed, preferring to follow their own pace of discovery. Early lessons will be organizational, which is how this tot's mind operates. Organizing the play group will be play indeed. As with everything, the Cap baby will be hyper-focused and determined. Even speaking will be undertaken with great effort and diligence, leading many Cap babies to bypass babbling and go straight to chatter! Capricorn kids can be trusted to baby-sit or cook dinner, but they need to be encouraged to add a little passion to their drive to be successful and responsible in life. To sum up, the Capricorn baby prefers to play it safe, enjoying the efforts of a job well done.

Aquarius: Is the Aquarius baby lonely? Well, it may certainly seem that way, but appearances can be deceiving. Being different and offbeat is the stock in trade of the standard-issue Aquarius child. This child is a bit detached, even aloof, so solo time may be exactly what they want -- even when crying! Such novelty of thought and expression can manifest itself in dress or behavior. This kid would rather work out that hissy fit alone. This, of course, begs the question: Could this tot use some socialization? Probably. Since this won't be the Aquarius baby's natural state, the company of others will become an acquired taste with much prodding from Mom and Dad. These children are inventors and creators. The Aquarius baby does have much they can teach others, since this child will pick things up early and differently. The rebel baby has arrived! They need more freedom than children belonging to any other Sign in the zodiac. Parents, sibs and friends will quickly grow to expect the unexpected from the Aquarius tot. The companionship of friends and others will be quite important to the Aquarius baby, even if they don't know how to show it. For that reason, this is a pattern of behavior that should be encouraged. While the Aquarius tot can be stubborn at times and certainly into their own stuff, often their mind is engaged in creative pursuits which should be nurtured as much as possible. Computers can be of great value early in life to Aquarius children, as they are fascinated by technology. To sum up, the Aquarius baby is a talker, very bright, always thinking and actually enjoying the company of others, despite appearances. Work with this baby, and they will shine!

Pisces: Seeming like a bit of a lost soul, the Pisces baby will get emotional and start crying for no apparent reason. Children born under the Sign of Pisces usually have so many emotions surging through them that they are often scared. It's part of this timid baby's personality, along with the tendency to carry things inside rather than pushing them out. Expect a whimper rather than a shriek. Along these lines, the Pisces baby will pick up on the family's vibe, sensing arguments and other familial disruptions and being profoundly affected by them. This fits in with this child's very caring, almost selfless persona, a quality which manifests itself in things like giving away toys. For this reason, Mom and Dad need to see to it that their Pisces tot doesn't get pushed around in the play group. Extra-sensitive by nature, this child also benefits from an added dose of attention, whether it comes from parents or sibs. They have the imagination necessary to create private worlds of their own for security purposes. With a wandering mind (this is the sign of the dreamer; after all!), the Pisces baby will find it easy to get lost in thoughts, almost blocking out the real world. It's safe to say that this kid shouldn't be entrusted with many details -- they will simply forget them! That dream state is one which should be monitored at night, as the Pisces baby will be greatly distressed by bad dreams. Fearful of many things, from monsters in the closet to loud noises, these children must learn that taking risks is a part of life. To sum up, the Pisces baby would rather give than receive, is dreamy by nature and possesses the fluidity attached to a Water sign. Let this sweet river flow!

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